KE Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling

KE Applicants / Applicants for KE

KE accepts all types of artworks from all artists regardless of nationality, age or place of residence. In the online application form you can upload up to 6 artworks. You can freely choose the category for each piece of work individually. An artwork can consist of many separate pieces, and be judged as one work. This means that when you upload a series of works as one artwork, it will be either taken in or rejected as a whole.
If one or more of your works are accepted you will get a fee on 2000
This applies to groups as well

Registration fee
When applying with your works to KE23, the first step is to pay the registration fee of 323 kr. During the application period of 18th September until 29th September 2023, you can find the application form on our front page.

The payment is made online through KE’s website, and we send a receipt via mail when the payment has been registered. There is no refund after the payment has gone through.
We do not save your information, so if you need a receipt for accounting, you must make sure to save it yourself.
You will receive a payment confirmation with a journal number and a pin code that allows you to log in to KE’s homepage and fill the application form online. When you are logged in, you can find your own application form in the menu under “Min ansøgning” (My application).
Journal number makes sure you are anonymous to the censors.
When your application is saved in the system, you will not receive a confirmation mail or the like. You can edit the application material until midnight, 29th. September.

Check your spam folder KE sends out automatic mails, which means in some cases, that the confirmation mail might end up in your spam folder. As an applicant you should check your spam folder and keep an eye on KE’s website for further information.

If you are applying with video works longer than 3 minutes, they have to be uploaded as 2 different versions.
One version has to be in original full length, and the other version has to be shortened to 3 minutes in total. During the first and second evaluation round the evaluation will be based on the 3 minutes long cut version. Before the final decision is made, the work will be viewed in full length during the 3rd evaluation round.

When applying with digital works (video, animation, sound and other), the applicant has to provide a link to the work that will be accessible online - e.g. on free platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube. You can secure the link with a password. Make sure that the work is anonymized in captions and other places for 1. and 2. round.
The artist has to bring their own screens to the exhibition, so it is important to specify what size and type of a screen the work will be presented on.

Site-specific works
We recommend that you keep in mind the possibilities and restrictions within the exhibition area, especially when applying with big or site-specific works. You can download the blueprint of Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. You can also see and download pictures of the building here.

Mixed media
When applying with works that contain mixed media and different formats - e.g. total installation, we recommend that you upload the work in the category “andet” (other). There you will have an option to upload both documentation photos, as well as video, animation and sound.

Requirements for the artworks
KE exhibits only works that are at most two years old and that have not been admitted to other Danish censored exhibitions, such as Artists’ Summer Exhibition, Artists’ Easter Exhibition and Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition.

KE has a right to reject pieces that can be considered especially dangerous to handle and exhibit.
KE only exhibits works that can be exhibited throughout the exhibition period. If you apply with works that require supervision and maintenance, it is necessary that you take full responsibility for the work's functionality during the exhibition period. This concerns e.g. artworks that are powered by batteries or require specific mechanical or digital technical equipment.

KE does not exhibit artworks in the outdoor areas of Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.

Application form for the 1st. and 2nd. round of censorship
All the applications to KE23 are sent through an application form that you can complete and edit during the period of 18th. September until 29th. September 2022. The form will be “locked” when the application period has ended on Friday 29th, at midnight, after which it will be available for the jury.

During the 1st and 2nd evaluation rounds, the censors will evaluate the works solely based on the material uploaded in the application form, including pictures, links to digital works and the additional comments to the censors. You decide what kind of documentation your work requires, and you are responsible to present the work or a collection of pieces in a manner that can be understood by the censors.

Picture quality and catalog
The documentation is fundamental for the evaluation. Therefore, it is extremely important that your documentation is as true to reality as possible. Keep in mind that the censors only have images to evaluate the artworks from, and that the material presented must be of a quality that leaves no doubt about the character and appearance of the artwork.
For example, if your artworks are framed, show it in the documentation or mention it in the comment section .

You can upload up to 4 pictures per artwork.
We recommend that the first and second picture show the artwork as a whole. The rest of the pictures can show details.

Pictures of artworks and picture documentation of digital artworks should be uploaded as RGB-files in JPEG-format. The ideal size is 2600 x 1800 pixels, 300 dpi and max. 6 MB.

File names should only contain letters (a-z) and/or numbers (0-9). Special symbols such as &,%, #, $, hyphens etc. can result in an error while uploading.

Uploaded material will not be shown to anyone other than the censor committee and KE’s board.
Unless otherwise stated, we reserve the rights to edit all image material printed in the catalog.

Submission of works for the 3rd round of censorship
If one or more of your works are accepted to the 3rd evaluation round, they need to be delivered to be presented in physical form.

Digital works have to be delivered in USB sticks that have both the journal number and the work’s number clearly marked on it. Each USB stick can only contain one digital artwork, and if the work is accepted, it is the version that will be also used in the exhibition.

KE does not have screens available, which means that video works and the like have to be delivered with the screen that you wish to use in the exhibition, so the work can be viewed in its final form. Screen has to be operational during the whole exhibition period, otherwise the work needs to be removed.
All works - for example a total installation - have to contain all of its pieces that would be exhibited, including walls etc.

Digital works have to be saved in MPEG4 format (ideally minimum 15000 kbps). Audio files have to be saved in WAV format.

The delivery of the physical works takes place on Monday, 24 October between 2 to 9 p.m. The address is:
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, 2100 København Ø.

Both packaging and work itself must be marked with "KE23" and your journal number and the artworks number.
If you cannot possibly submit your works during this period, we ask you to contact Søren Fjeldsø, the Installation Technician at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, by phone on 29242649 or Hanne Bang on 26394829.

You have an option to send smaller works by mail, marked with “KE23” and your journal number and the artworks number. The package has to arrive at Den Frie latest Monday, 26. October 2023.

When you bring the works, you have to unpack them yourself and take the package materials with you.

There will be assistants receiving and helping with the delivery of the works.

If you send your artwork via mail, we cannot unfortunately send them back to you the same way.
If you send and pick up a work with a delivery service, use reusable packaging, and choose string instead of tape. Packaging that needs to be stored and reused is a major challenge for the board. We can no longer store packaging in the basement of Den Frie, so we have to transport it away for private storage during the exhibition period.

Transportation and insurance
KE do have a insurance when the artworks are in Den Frie. There is a own risk om 2500

Right of disposal of the artworks
Once your works have been accepted at the Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, works cannot be claimed back until the exhibition is over.

You also grant KE the right to use your images of accepted works in the exhibition catalog, for promotional purposes on KE’s website, in press material and in presentations related to KE.

The structure of the exhibition
KE and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art have the sovereign responsibility for managing the exhibition in its entirety.

If the way of presenting is an important part of the work, or if the installation of the work requires your participation, this must be clearly stated in the comments to the censors in your application.

You can not claim a specific location in the exhibition, but your wishes will be accommodated as far as possible in the case of site-specific artworks.

It is your responsibility to provide the necessary technical equipment that your artwork requires. If your artwork is difficult to handle, contact KE to make an agreement about the submission.

Sale of artworks
When selling works during the exhibition period, 30% of the sale price is taken for commission. Remember to include it in your selling price.
If your works are not for sale, write “privately owned” in the application form.

Picking up the artworks
If none of your works are admitted to the exhibition, you need to pick them up from Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art on Wednesday, 31th. October from 9 am. to 1 p.m. If you cannot possibly can pick them up during this period, contact either the Installation Technician Søren Fjeldsø, by phone on 29242649 or Hanne Bang on 26394829.

If some of your works were admitted and some rejected, you can pick up the rejected works at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art on Wednesday, 31th. October from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

When the exhibition is over, you can pick up your work at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art on 26th. November 2023 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. or 27th. November 2023 from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.
If you cannot possibly can pick them up during this period, contact the Installation Technician Søren Fjeldsø by phone on 29242649

We store works at your own expense if you do not pick them up on time.

Questions and further information
If you have any questions or need for further information, you are welcome to contact KE via email at We cannot unfortunately be contacted via phone.